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Work Experience

Additional experience can be found via my LinkedIn profile.

Comcast Business

Principal Data Scientist
Technology & Data Science

July 2021 - Current

  • Supporting marketing distribution list generation request with dynamic omnichannel approach with Python and SQL in Databricks hosted on an AWS EC2 instance.

  • Automating manual reporting processes using Power BI or Tableau in conjunction with Python packages such as Selenium for web crawling and data scrapping.

Lumen Technologies

Zayo Group

Business Analyst


June 2013 - February 2014

  • Managed quarterly earnings supplement report for senior management. Conducted quarterly forecast-to-actual variance analysis, presented with insightful charts, footnotes with extensive attention-to-detail. Developed SalesForce reports and dashboard to support data mining analysis for understanding these details further.

  • Managed capital project budgeting model and presentation. Integrated accounts payable capital expenditures, updated forecast, and reported on over and under runs to senior management.

  • Managed a variety of other operational task such as conducted NPV validations for service orders as well as conducted early termination liability, retention and renewal analysis.

Account Receivable Specialist


December 2012 - June 2013

  • Updated customer account details, set up and provided billing instructions, researched invoice records and created statement of accounts.

  • Managed business collections operations. Conducted $12.9 million in collections over 364 billing accounts in April, 2013 alone.

  • Communicated with customers through SalesForce Cases to resolve customer inquiries and dispute on account details, billing records, and other service issues. Averaged a thousand resolved monthly cases.

Lead Marketing Database Analyst

Analytics R&D

July 2019 - July 2021

  • Developed Oracle SQL queries to analyze or deploy tables for a variety of ad hoc projects using common table expressions, functions, procedures, triggers and scheduling to optimize procedural performance. Granted clients direct table permissions or distributed results through an ODBC connection to Microsoft applications.

  • Conducted predictive analytics in either Python or R to discover key insights in supporting decision making.

  • Developed a national consumer fiber penetration table that was created to provide senior management with a heat penetration mapping tool in Google Earth.

  • Developed a dynamic multi-regression analysis to decipher what drove Consumer MDU penetration in Python. Conducted analysis and reported findings to management to support its decision making on prioritizing MDU marketing strategies.

  • Developed a dynamic multi-regression analysis in R to conduct a consumer revenue risk assessment in addressing delinquency during the pandemic using both internal and external household demographic information. Aggregated over 400 regression models and its outputs by geography into 20 data frames to simplify the analysis process. Analysis concluded that one variable was adequate for predicting non-payments.

  • Developed an order status report that tracked order completion, cancellation and pending by time. Waterfall analysis provided management with insights to customers with prolonged waiting times and an interval cancellations risk assessment. Model deployed in both Excel and a dynamic Power BI dashboard.

  • Developed a sales and marketing campaign table that aggregates all acquisition, upgrade, win back and retention campaigns across 25 million households. Deployed a dynamic consumer Power BI dashboard depicting consumer order status, sales, disconnects and used predictive analytics on marketing campaigns to predict sales.

Lead Analyst

Financial Intelligence

July 2017 - July 2019

  • Reported, analyzed and delivered to senior management distributed-based margin reports on EBITDA encompassing all segments, products and business customers of the company, representing over $10 billion annually. 

  • Managed all operational procedures in SAP’s Profitability and Cost Management reporting tool. Pulled end-of-month total company ledger for OpEx, Fixed & Direct NetEx out of SAP BPC & Oracle Essbase OLAP systems. Utilized Microsoft Access to conduct ledger data ETL processing. Updated driver definitions, cost center and line item hierarchies and developed new cost objects in the PCM Model Builder.

  • Wrote Oracle SQL to pull ad hoc datasets out of the data warehouse and run similar queries out of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence for reporting.

Senior Analyst


May 2015 - July 2017

  • Support three operational senior managers as an internal financial adviser responsible for reporting revenue, metrics, headcount, capitalized labor, expenses and managing quarterly outlooks and annual budgets for expenses of which I also submit and provide variance analysis for on a monthly basis.

    • Managed $66.4M in 2015, $72.5M in 2016 and projected over $71.5M in 2017 in expenses.

    • Managed and submitted 2016 & 2017 budgets for all three clients.

    • Managed and submitted 7 outlooks thus far for all three clients.

    • Manage and distribute over 509 financial reports per year.

    • Manage and distribute SAP sourced expense models to clients on a weekly basis.

    • Manage and distribute overtime results to clients on a per pay period basis.

  • Redeveloped and improved Excel models applying advanced formula techniques along with better optimized data structuring to make information more user friendly for clients. Audited all responsible financial reports in search for opportunities to automate operational procedures. Manager recognized this in 2016 performance review as exceeded expectations for automating financial reports.

  • Developed new Financial Decks for BU clients highlighting all the key financial aspects (revenue, metrics, headcount, force-to-load, and expenses) into one report. Review deck with each client monthly.

  • Manage the headcount report for the entire West Regional Operations and distribute updates on a weekly basis. Developed an improved model that provided further analysis for clients and automatized data sources to provide guaranteed integrity of the embedded information.

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